Bruno Fernandes Talks About 100 Million Buyouts, Also Comments on João Félix Price



“What is my worth in euros? I have no idea. That is for the clubs that want to buy and Sporting to figure out. I don’t know any number of my value. More than one hundred million? No, forget that. No Portuguese player can be transferred for that value (€100 million) when Cristiano Ronaldo was already transferred for that amount. When a player that has won 5 Golden Boots is transferred for that amount, it is unthinkable another player will leave (Portugal) for that. I do hope it happens for the good of Portuguese football, regardless of which club it is. If it is me or if they want to know if its João Félix or not, I’ll be happy for João if he leaves for 120 or 150 (million), it will be good for him.”


“I am with Sporting, there are no contacts with any clubs, best to my knowledge. I hear of many things. There is certainly interest from various clubs, but until today, my focus is always on Sporting. Now I want to rest a little because I still have lots to give to the Seleção (UEFA League of Nations).”



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