Canal 11/Record: Bruno Fernandes Talks About Cristiano, Sporting CP & Ruben Amorim

Bruno Fernandes gave an extensive interview to the federation’s main channel Canal 11, which was also broken up and used in various stories at Record. The Top quotes are below and can be found at our twitter account.

Cristiano Ronaldo
“The first time I went to the Seleção, it was he (Cristiano) who came to me. So, are you doing well at Sporting? You have scored a few goals. Just the fact that Cristiano came to me and said things were going well … the fact of him showing he was attentive to the work that I was doing… you think how is it possible for such a player to be attentive of that. Of course, he was also at Sporting, the club that formed him and for which he has great affection for.”
“Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani won big trophies here and that makes me want to go after that success. Nani, with whom I had the opportunity to train with at Sporting, has always spoken well to me about United. And the fact that Cristiano has given many good references to whoever asked about me before I transferred, makes me very proud that such as player recognizes what I can do.”

Best Accomplishment at Sporting 
“The two League Cups and Portuguese Cup were not enough because I believe Sporting had the quality to do more regardless of the situation (attacks). It wasn’t easy, everyone knows what happened. It was difficult for some players. The greatest happiness for me was winning the Portuguese Cup, because in the previous year we couldn’t do that because of the profound sadness we had at that time.”
“For me, it was a great accomplishment and I cherish it dearly. There are those that say it was just the Portuguese Cup, but I saw it as winning The Portuguese Cup.”
“Whenever I can, I follow (Sporting) closely. I always talk to my former teammates. I even try to talk the day before matches if we are doing estagio. I do Facetime with some and we talk a lot. I have many great friends at Sporting.”

Ruben Amorim
“Nobody was expecting that, even Rúben Amorim himself said that. It isn’t common in Portugal to pay that much for a manager. It was the first time and I am happy that the amount paid was for a Portuguese manager.”
“It is a gamble. If in Portugal it is considered a risk to pay 8 million for a player, as was my case at that time, then obviously everyone thinks that paying 10 million for a manager is a risky bet. The manager’s position can be a little bit cruel. When things go well, the merit goes to the players, but if it goes wrong, it’s the manager’s fault. He’s the one who ends up leaving. I hope things go well because I have a special affection for Sporting.”

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