CNN Portugal Stands By Their Reporting, Say Jorge Jesus Desires a Flamengo Return, Full Statement

Lots of news in Portugal today regarding Jorge Jesus, Benfica and Flamengo.

CNN Portugal and Maisfutebol reported that Jorge Jesus met with Flamengo executives and expressed his desire to return to Brazil.

Benfica quickly released a statement calling the news false. CNN Portugal, which debuted about a month ago, have doubled down and repeated that their sources are true.

Statement (Portuguese) LINK:

Benfica SAD issued a statement denying what was not reported. CNN maintains its news: that Jorge Jesus met with Flamengo officials, said “yes”, but it depends on an agreement with Benfica that is not closed.

CNN Portugal reaffirms the information broadcast this morning about the agreement in principle between manager Jorge Jesus and Flamengo and the Portuguese manager’s desire to return to Brazil expressed yesterday in a meeting that took place at his own home.

CNN cross-referenced the initial information with a set of sources, from all the parties involved – I emphasize, from all the parties involved – and advanced the news with complete confidence.

It is indeed strange that an organization of the size and, presumably, with the high professionalism of Benfica, allows its manager to meet the directors of a foreign club who are reportedly in Portugal to hire a new technical manager.

CNN rejects the content and tone of moral superiority in the Benfica statement, maintaining full respect for Sport Lisboa e Benfica as a central and centenary institution of sport in Portugal.

We work for spectators and readers and it is not possible for us, with this noble mission, to address the glaring organizational failure revealed by Benfica on the eve of a decisive match. Whether intentional or not. On this, each one will make his own judgment.