Jorge Jesus to Continue at Benfica

According to SIC noticias journalist Pedro Sepulveda, who to his credit has gotten a number of story lines correct in the past few months, Jorge Jesus (JJ) is not leaving Benfica.
JJ and Rui Costa had a conversation after last night’s Taca elimination and Jesus will continue as manager.
JJ is always in the news, but more so these days with Flamengo wanting him to return to Brazil.
Last night executives with Flamengo attended the Classico in the Estádio do Dragão that Porto won 3-0.
Depending on which news source you read, JJ desires a return to Flamengo or won’t entertain the possibility until after the season.
Last night’s loss will increase the speculation. JJ was suspended for the match and had to watch in the stands as the rest of the 45,530 in attendance.
Next Thursday Benfica travel up North again for the Liga Classico. JJ will be able to manage that match from the sideline as his suspension will have ended by then.