Mourinho Talks About Bruno Fernandes, Joao Felix; Says CR7 Comparisons Unfair

Jose Mourinho attended the Managers Forum in Portimão on Monday.

He was asked many questions ranging from the Taca Derby to manager Bruno Lage, who has started well at Benfica and attracted comparisons to the Special One.

The biggest question asked and answer he delivered was about João Félix and Bruno Fernandes, who are heating up the transfer market as EURO giants descend on Lisbon to watch Portugal’s current crop of sensations.

Mourinho quickly declined comparisons between Fernandes and Felix to Cristiano Ronaldo, saying it was unfair to compare them.

“I think they should leave them alone and not talk of Cristiano. First, because it it ridiculous to compare them,” said Mourinho.

Mourinho later added that playing for one of Portugal’s biggest clubs prepares players to play on a bigger stage, due to the press and social media spotlight players live under in Portugal. The players adapt to that pressured environment and that makes them feel more comfortable when playing for a EURO giant.

Mourinho continues to talk to the press, while he likely listens to future manager opportunities. Hardly a day does not go by without hearing his name attached to a manager opening somewhere in Europe’s Top 5 leagues.

He was in the news linked with Benfica after Rui Vitoria left, but has said he is not ready to return to Portugal.

He has said many times that he would like to manage the Seleção before he retires, but does not see that happening any time soon, as he continues to instead seek his next great opportunity managing a club team.


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