SC Braga Release Ideas for Liga Re-Start

Per O Jogo and Record, SC Braga and Club President Antonio Salvador have released ideas on re-starting the Liga.

SC Braga, as do most people, don’t believe there will be any consensus on the final classification if the Liga is unable to finish.

As a result, they presented ideas to start the discussion during a time when there is nothing to discuss due to the pandemic.

SC Braga first suggests a two week mini-preseason to help clubs adjust to returning.

Then, play two matches per week- one on the weekend and the second weekday.

After five rounds, there would be a brief break and then resume finishing the last five rounds.

The other idea is to also play into July, but that would require a discussion with major parties on what to do with player contracts, since there are those that end on June 30.

The most optimistic scenario is clubs start training in mid-April.

These ideas, or any others that come up, could be discussed on Thursday when the Liga Scheduling and Club Committees meet again to review the latest situation. They are meeting every three days in the hope of being in the best and most prepared situation to re-start when that time comes.









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