Seleção’s League of Nations Training Begins, Fernando Santos Talks XI & Fan Support

The National Team began their first day of training at their headquarters of Cidade do Futebol for the upcoming League of Nations Finals.

Fernando Santos spoke about the challenges with choosing his XI.

During this first week, the players are expected to show up to train daily, but the full camp (overnight estágio) will only begin next Sunday.

Cancelo was operated on his nose recently, but he is in camp and ready to contribute.

Danilo is suspended for the June 5 semifinal, but is available to play the following Sunday.


Expectations for XI

“We will evaluate everything in training. I know 70% to 80% of the XI that will start. It would be bad if I started the training with so many doubts, but I’m not 100% sure who will play. I can’t guess how training will go or how the players will do.”

Training With Tired Players

“Stuffing the players in a hotel is not good for anybody. They are tired. They are professionals and if they had to come, they come, but if mentally they are not 100% ready, the message to them will not be so well received. After Sunday, we will begin full camp (estágio).”


“We know Switzerland well, they have made some changes to their style of football. They usually field at 4-4-2, but they altered it to a 4-2-3-1, as they did against Belgium, Denmark, and Georgia. They have that versatility.”

Fan Support in Porto

“I am convinced we will have unconditional support in Porto. The country lives and breathes with the Seleção and we will try to respond in kind. Playing in Portugal is always good, there is no extra stress here.”



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