Super Cup: Lage & Keizer Quotes


“The preparation is the same as any other match. In this kind of matches, we all want to play against the best managers and players. If Bruno Fernandes plays, it will be a challenge and an opportunity to be more competent.”

“Bruno is a great player, a great midfielder, he knows how to do it all. He comes to play early in the construction of a play, he plays between lines and is smart in attacking depth…his defensive transition against Liverpool reflects that. But we spend our lives comparing players in a collective contest. If the best is Messi or Ronaldo? Now if it’s Bruno or Felix? There are 3/4/5 players that stand out in all teams, but we are always comparing and I don’t go there.”

(ON WINNING ICC) “It’s the result of the 3 wins we had in a competition where there were big clubs. But for us, the most important thing was our evolution and the work we did in the USA. Evolution is the most important. And tomorrow we want to get as close as possible to the best we did last season.”


(ON WINNING 2 CUPS LAST YEAR) “That does not bring me confidence. We only played 2 finals, so if there were several then maybe you could say that. We have prepared this match (Super Cup) in the normal way. Stronger in the Cups? I don’t think that. We had good matches in the Cups, but in the Liga the problem was consistency.”

“We know enough about Benfica, so there are no secrets. I don’t need to know anything more about Benfica right now.”

“It’s a normal situation, he (Bruno) will play. All this attention can mess with a player, but Bruno is competent to play and oblivious to all this. He has a lot to think about, but I see him focused.”






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