EURO 2020: UEFA Declines Portugal, Luxembourg Appeal Regarding Ukraine Player

UEFA announced today that it dismissed the appeal of Portugal and Luxembourg over the use of Júnior Moraes in the Ukraine matches this past March in EURO 2020 qualifying.

Luxembourg and Portugal complained the Moraes did not meet the naturalization requirements for Ukraine.

FIFA allows players to acquire a nationality if they live in a country for five uninterrupted years. Moraes spent some time playing on loan in China.

He has played for nearly seven years at Shakhtar Donetsk in the Ukraine.


Ukraine 10
Luxembourg 4
Serbia 4
Portugal 2
Lithuania 1

Portugal EURO 2020 Qualifiers/Results
Friday, March 22 Draw 0-0 Ukraine
Monday, March 25 Draw 1-1 Serbia
Sept 7 at Serbia 19:45
Sept 10 at Lithuania 19:45
Oct 11 x Luxembourg 19:45
Oct 14 at Ukraine 19:45
Nov 14 x Lithuania 19:45
Nov 17 at Luxembourg 14:00


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