WCQ Preview: Luxembourg x Portugal

Portugal looks to bounce back from a 2-2 draw against Serbia when it visits Luxembourg tonight, which is coming off a shock win in Ireland.

Portugal gave up a 2-goal lead against Serbia, leaving both squads tied with 4 points at the top of Group A.

The last meeting against Luxembourg was a EURO 2020 qualifier where Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes scored.  In the last 10 encounters, Luxembourg have scored just once: Daniel da Mota – the son of Portuguese emigrants – on target on 7 September 2012.

Moutinho will undergo a fitness test today to test his availability. Bruno Fernandes (yellows) has returned to United.

Probable Lineup:
Lopes; Cedric, Dias, Duarte, Mendes; Danilo, Renato, Neves; Jota, Ronaldo, Felix

Fernando Santos

“João (Moutinho) had a problem. Yesterday, he did train, but not with the squad. Today, he will train again but not integrated with the squad. Indications I have from medical is there is a strong possibility that he will be recovered for Tuesday (Lux).”

“This team (Lux) has nothing in common with Azerbaijan. Zero! Azerbaijan played at 35 meters, did not leave and tried to kick in front, tried to do some things, but not much more. This is a team (Lux) that plays eye to eye. And will try to play eye to eye with Portugal. I have no doubts about that. They will play to defend us well, but attack as well when they have the ball.”

(Will Cristiano keep captain armband) “Yes, he will! Cristiano is a national example and you (press) have written this thousands of times. When new players come to press conferences, they always ask me what Cristiano is like. And they all get the same answer. He is an example to follow in how he works, in how he trains, and the way he conducts himself. He is an example for everyone, as is also his social life.”

Rúben Neves
“Our job is to get over [setbacks like the draw with Serbia] and be 100% focused on the next game. And we are. The draw was  hugely frustrating for everyone, but right after the match we knew we had to respond, because this is a very important game and we have to be at our best.”

We know it will be an extremely difficult game and we know what happened in their last game [Luxembourg won in Ireland]. We played here recently and we know the difficulties we went through, but it is up to us to be at our best. We know what we can do and at our best we are a very strong team. Our goal is to be at maximum strength and to take the three points.”


Matchday 1 (24/03/2021)
Portugal 1-0 Azerbaijan
Goals: 1-0 Medvedev 36 (og)

Portugal: Lopes, Domingos Duarte, Rúben Dias, Nuno Mendes, Ronaldo, João Moutinho (46 Bruno Fernandes), André Silva (75 João Félix), Bernardo Silva (88 Sérgio Oliveira), Rúben Neves (88 João Palhinha), Pedro Neto (63
Rafa Silva), João Cancelo

Matchday 2 (27/03/2021)
Serbia 2-2 Portugal
Goals: 0-1 Diogo Jota 11, 0-2 Diogo Jota 36, 1-2 A. Mitrović 46, 2-2 Kostić 60

Portugal: Lopes, Rúben Dias, Fonte, Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes (91 João Palhinha), Bernardo Silva, Danilo, Sérgio Oliveira (72 Renato Sanches), Diogo Jota (85 João Félix), João Cancelo (72 Nuno Mendes), Cédric



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